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IV Virotherapy Conference 2015

On November 27, 2015 in Latvian National Library there took place IV Virotherapy Conference, which brought together more than 100 interested persons – oncologists, dermatologists, surgeons, scientists and other oncology experts. During the conference the most remarkable events of last year were reviewed – inclusion of Rigvir into clinical guidelines, medicine registration in Georgia, scientific publication in the authoritative medical journal Melanoma Research and rapid influx of cancer patients from abroad.

The IV Virotherapy conference was opened by academician Ivars Kalviņš, who emphasized that virotherapy is a sector where Latvia is a world leader in: "We have found a way to help oncology patients overcome tumor without harming the whole body."

Kaspars Losans, IVC Medical Director looked back on the most important events and achievements of Virotherapy center in 2015. Prof. Dace Baltina, leading oncology specialist in Health Ministry told about the year of oncologic vigilance, which was announced this year in Latvia, and what results it has brought. Professor stressed that the mass media play an important role in public education and information on the prevention of oncologic diseases.
Prof. Peteris Alberts, Head of Research and Development Department in IVC introduced conference participants with Rigvir preclinical and clinical data, explained the virus's ability to find and destroy malignant cells. Aleksandrs Derjabo presented data on Virotherapy experience in Latvian Oncology Center, as well as provided some insight into the history of virotherapy clinical use.
Oncologist-chemotherapist Linda Brokane and Ieva Strele, who participated in making of Melanoma Research Rigvir scientific publication, explained the research methodology and presented research findings.
Valdis Tocs, IVC Marketing Director, presented the interactive journal Cancer Virotherapy, issued by the International Virotherapy Center together with foreign colleagues in late October. Cancer Virotherapy is the first journal to represent cancer virotherapy industry.
Vika Telle, InCell Research Assitant, told how she and her colleagues conducted Rigvir efficiency observations in cell culture and presented a video they made, showing the changes in melanoma cells within 24 hours after Rigvir administration. Kintija Barloti, IVC Executive Director, was pleased to present great news – in 2016 new virotherapy clinic will open its doors in Jurmala, Latvia. Clinic will offer a complex approach to the treatment of cancer.